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Maplewood Fall Social Celebration

Saturday, October 24, 2015

12:00-4:00 p.m.

Sgt Peppers – 930 Helena Ave N - Oakdale

$10.00 per ticket – 5 and under are FREE


Invite all friends and family to this fun event!  This is a fundraiser for our club but also a fun “social” event – a chance to get together not at the rink!  Skaters, parents and coaches can enjoy a day devoted to the celebration of our very special club! This fundraiser is to help our club with the rising costs of ice time and help us work together to show that MFSC is a wonderful club for all skaters and parents to be a part ofJ

But remember our club is only as strong as the commitment of its members – so we need your help!!  Invite EVERYONE you know!  Friends, family, teachers, past MFSC members, this event will be fun for all ages!


Tickets will also be available at the door.  The event will include:    

  • Italian Dinner (Pasta, salad and bread)
  • Cash bar – Pop unlimited for $2/person --- alcoholic drinks also available
  • Silent Auction Raffle/Door Prizes
  • And more!!

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*** Tests Passed since Spring Banquet ***

May 2015

Moves in the Field

Jennifer Timm - Junior

Christine Brennan - Intermediate
Alayna Peterson - Intermediate
Natalie Taraldsen - Intermediate

Leah Jackson  - Juvenile
Kaycee Ryan - Juvenile

Alissa Krohn - Pre-Juvenile
Shelby Heim - Pre-Juvenile

Anna Thayer - Preliminary
Annelise Carlson - Preliminary
Berlin Mossak -Preliminary
Veronika Stob - Preliminary


Courtney Young - Intermediate

Natalie Taraldsen - Pre-Juvenile

Christine Brennan - Preliminary
Leah Jackson - Preliminary

Dance Tests Passed 9-17-15

Alayna Peterson - European Waltz
      Pre- Silver Dance Test
Alicia Poppe - Ten  Fox
    Bronze Dance Test
Alicia Heim  - Willow Waltz
    Bronze Dance Test
Belle Neve - Canasta Tango
    Preliminary Dance Test
Christine Brennan - Fourteen Step
     Bronze Dance Test
Grace Johnson - Swing Dance
     Pre-Bronze Dance Test
Leah Jackson - Ten Fox
     Bronze Dance Test
Mackenzie Erickson - Swing Dance
     Pre-Bronze Dance Test
Shelby Heim - Ten Fox
     Bronze Dance Test
Veronika Stob - Rhythm Blues
      Preliminary Dance Test
Grace Chaffin - Rocker Foxtrot
Heather Driscoll - Rhythm Blues


Ice Dance

Bethany Renstrom - Junior Solo Free Dance
Kaycee Ryan - Fourteen Step
Berlin Mossak - Dutch Waltz, Canasta Tango, Rhythm Blues
       Preliminary Dance Test
Anna Thayer -  Canasta Tango
        Preliminary Dance Test
Bethany Renstrom - Paso Doble
      Pre-Gold Dance Test

Kate Watkins - Paso Doble
Veronika Stob - Canasta Tango
Presley Domke - Fiesta Tango
Grace Johnson - Fiesta Tango
Leah Jackson- Willow Waltz
Alyana Peterson - Foxtrot
Grace Chaffin - European Waltz
       Pre Silver Dance Test

MacKensie Erickson - Fiesta Tango
Shelby Heim - Willow Waltz
Alecia Poppe - Willow Waltz
Kaycee Ryan - Ten Fox
       Bronze Dance Test

Lauren Hawley - Fiesta Tango
Abby Bennis - Cha Cha
Veronika Stob - Dutch Waltz

Kari Memorial
Joe Memorial