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Test Sessions

Up and coming Test Sessions

Regular test session on Wednesday March 21- 4:30-7:45 PM - (no club ice that day - only testing). Mainly,  Pre-Juvenile MIF & FS and above with Dance Level through Pre-Gold.  Test applications must be received by Monday March 12.


Wednesday April 18- Low Level - on Club ice ( yes, you have your regular scheduled ice time).

Session is for those skaters that want to test  PPM/FS thru PREM/FS or Bronze level dance and below may send a application to test.  Please send no later than one week prior to test date.  ( Mainly for home club members, and Northern Fusion Skaters), other skaters are welcome but the session is during regular club ice.


If you need to test but have trouble making the dead line for submission you may email : or with your intent.


Tests Passed Since May 2017

Free Skating Passed


Abby Bennis - Preliminary
Lily Johnson - Pre-Preliminary
Anna Thayer - Preliminary
MacKenzie Erickson - Pre-Juvenile
Presley Domke = Pre-Juvenile
Alicia Heim -Juvenile

Kayleigh Loughrey- Preliminary
Belle Neve - Preliminary
Ashley Matheny - Pre-Preliminary
Veronika Stob - Pre-Preliminary
Lily Rodriguez - Pre-Preliminary

Mackenzie Erickson - Preliminary
Alicia Heim - Pre-Juvenile

Christine Brennan - Juvenile
Abby Bennis - Pre- Preliminary
Anna Thayer - Pre-Preliminary
Christine Brennan - Pre- Juvenile




For testing at other clubs, see the TCFSA calendar.

For questions about testing, call Kate Lambert at 651-334-9918(cell) 651-483-9871 (home) , or Sheila Heyen for test permission 612-747-6159.

Email; or

Moves in the Field Passed

Erin Sellie - Preliminary
Lily Johnson - Preliminary
Leah Jackson - Novice
Mia Zellmer - Pre-Preliminary

Christine Brennan - Junior

Aurora Semler - PrePreliminary

Ashley Matheny - Preliminary
Grace Anderson - Preliminary
Hadassah Heyen - Pre-Preliminary
Madeline Kendig - Preliminary
Lily Johnson - Pre-Preliminary

Bethany Renstrom - Senior

Anna Thayer - Juvenile
Shelby Heim - Intermediate
Belle Neve - Juvenile
Alaina Semler - Pre-Preliminary

Dance Tests Passed

Aurora Semler - Fiesta Tango
Hadassah Heyen - Canasta Tango
Madeline Kendig - Fiesta Tango

Mia Zellmer- Rhythm Blues
Preliminary Dance Test

Alaina Semler- Rhythm Blues
Preliminary Dance Test

Alicia Heim - Senior Solo Free Dance

Grace Chaffin - Kilian
Pre-Gold Dance Test
Leah Jackson - Rocker Foxtrot

Christine Brennan - Paso Doble

Abby Bennis - European Waltz

Amorita Linner - Adult Willow Waltz
Aurora Semler - Cha Cha
Kayleigh Loughrey -Canasta Tango
Dutch Waltz
Rhythm Blues
Preliminary Dance Test
Madeline Kendig - Cha Cha
Mia Zellmer - Canasta Tango

Mackenzie Erickson - Kilian
Alicia Heim - Paso Doble
Bele Neve - Willow Waltz
Lydia Heyer - Ten Fox
Bronze Dance Test

Anna Thayer - Ten Fox
Bronze Dance Test

Alecia Poppe - Tango
Rocker Foxtrot
Silver Dance Test
Abby Bennis - 14 Step

Lydia Heyen - Willow Waltz
Mackenzie Erickson - Tango
Silver Dance Test
Leah Jackson - European Waltz
Pre-Silver Dance Test
Senior Solo Free Dance
Belle Neve - Ten Fox
Grace Chaffin- Starlight Waltz
Senior Solo Dance Test
Alicia Heim - American Waltz
Silver Dance Test
Junior Solo Free Dance

Christine Brennan - Killian
Anna Thayer - Willow Waltz

Hadassah Heyen - Dutch Waltz
Mia Zellmer - Dutch Waltz
Madeline Kendig - Rhythm Blues
Preliminary Dance Test

Alaina Semler - Canasta Tango

Aurora Semler - Rhythm Blues
Preliminary Dance Test
Lydia Heyen - Hickory Hoedown

Alayna Peterson - Senior Solo Free Dance

Shelby Heim - Novice Solo Free Dance
Alicia Heim - Tango

Christine Brennan - Juvenile Free Dance

Alecia Poppe - American Waltz
Anna Thayer - Hickory Hoedown

Leah Jackson - Junior Solo Free Dance

Christine Brennan - Tango
Silver Dance Test

Abby Bennis - Willow Waltz
Bronze Dance Test

Madeline Kendig - Canasta Tango
Aurora Semler - Canasta Tango
Hannah Ulrish - Willow Waltz

Christine Brennan - Intermediate Free

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