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Test Sessions

Free Skating Passed

Mackenzie Erickson - Preliminary
Alicia Heim - Pre-Juvenile

Christine Brennan - Juvenile
Abby Bennis - Pre- Preliminary
Anna Thayer - Pre-Preliminary
Christine Brennan - Pre- Juvenile




For testing at other clubs, see the TCFSA calendar.

For questions about testing, call Kate Lambert at 651-334-9918(cell) 651-483-9871 (home) , or Sheila Heyen for test permission 612-747-6159.

Email; or

Moves in the Field Passed

Christine Brennan - Junior

Ashley Matheny - Preliminary
Grace Anderson - Preliminary
Hadassah Heyen - Pre-Preliminary
Madeline Kendig - Preliminary
Lily Johnson - Pre-Preliminary

Bethany Renstrom - Senior

Anna Thayer - Juvenile
Shelby Heim - Intermediate
Belle Neve - Juvenile
Alaina Semler - Pre-Preliminary

Dance Tests Passed

Anna Thayer - Ten Fox
Bronze Dance Test

Alecia Poppe - Tango
Rocker Foxtrot
Silver Dance Test
Abby Bennis - 14 Step

Lydia Heyen - Willow Waltz
Mackenzie Erickson - Tango
Silver Dance Test
Leah Jackson - European Waltz
Pre-Silver Dance Test
Senior Solo Free Dance
Belle Neve - Ten Fox
Grace Chaffin- Starlight Waltz
Senior Solo Dance Test
Alicia Heim - American Waltz
Silver Dance Test
Junior Solo Free Dance

Christine Brennan - Killian
Anna Thayer - Willow Waltz

Hadassah Heyen - Dutch Waltz
Mia Zellmer - Dutch Waltz
Madeline Kendig - Rhythm Blues
Preliminary Dance Test

Alaina Semler - Canasta Tango

Aurora Semler - Rhythm Blues
Preliminary Dance Test
Lydia Heyen - Hickory Hoedown

Alayna Peterson - Senior Solo Free Dance

Shelby Heim - Novice Solo Free Dance
Alicia Heim - Tango

Christine Brennan - Juvenile Free Dance

Alecia Poppe - American Waltz
Anna Thayer - Hickory Hoedown

Leah Jackson - Junior Solo Free Dance

Christine Brennan - Tango
Silver Dance Test

Abby Bennis - Willow Waltz
Bronze Dance Test

Madeline Kendig - Canasta Tango
Aurora Semler - Canasta Tango
Hannah Ulrish - Willow Waltz

Christine Brennan - Intermediate Free